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Children's book Bermuda ¨The Great Adventure of Tom to Bermuda¨

The Great Adventure of Tom to Bermuda

Hardcover, 8.5' x 8.5'. High-quality print.

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Child reading ebook of The Great Adventure of Tom to Bermuda

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A Peak Inside the Book

Whether you get the incredible chance to move to Bermuda, you are a visitor who wishes to share a piece of your beautiful journey or simply curious to discover a new country, this book is perfect for all the little and older explorers who would like to learn more about this wonderful island. 

Mostly known for its legends and mysteries, Bermuda is, in fact, a true paradise on earth. With our friendly guide, George, you can travel all around the country and explore the many treasures of the island.


Putting pen to paper | The Royal Gazette: Bermuda Lifestyle

The Great Adventure of Tom to Bermuda in Royal Gazette

 Heather Wood, Jan 3, 2020  

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Moving to the Island with Kids, a Beautiful Challenge

When we took the decision, my husband and I, to move to Bermuda, we were very excited. However, we were anxious to tell the changing situation to our 3-years-old son. How surprised we were to see that he could understand very well some concept, but being at the same time so confused emotionally. Feeling powerless, we were scared he could be hurt deeply. Turning towards children's books to illustrate more concretely what it meant to move to a new place, we never found one specifically about Bermuda to demonstrate what kind of life he could have here with his family. This is the reason I finally decided to do it myself.

This picture's book shows that, in addition to all beautiful places to visit and enjoy in Bermuda, there are also playgrounds, colorful houses and lots of new friends to make as well. Bermuda is also for them and they will be more than happy to live there!

While it should be a pleasure for all children to read, this book will be particularly helpful for children who are making a big move or have travel anxiety. Even more so, children who are moving countries and who will be immersed in an entirely new country or culture could benefit from such a book.

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You can also find on this website a few resources to help your transition in Bermuda. 

The real adventure

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From Quebec, Canada to an island!

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