Our story

My husband and I have pursued extensive studies and we were very ambitious about our respective careers. Then, we had children, and everything changed. We just fell in love with them, wanting to spend more time together and find ways to share every important moment of their lives. 

Our day-to-day routine kept us very busy: rush hour to get downtown early in the morning, trying to accomplish as much as we could during the day, hurrying to get back and pick up our son at the daycare, then quick dinner, bath, bedtime, sleep and …repeat!  It was stressful, and we hardly saw each other during the week. Something had to change, but we didn’t know how exactly. 

Then, my husband received this marvelous offer from a company based in Bermuda. After laughing a bit at the idea at first, we finally came to the conclusion, “Why not?” So in a matter of only a few months, we sold our brand new car, our big house, packed our stuff and took the plane. 

Despite all the compromises that we had to do, including leaving my own job, we don't regret anything and are now living a real dream, together as a family. 


Meet Emilie, the author

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From scientific to Indie authors of children's book

Once a research assistant in immunology and oncology, Émilie is now a full-time mom and first-time author of The Great Adventure of Tom to Bermuda. Having recently moved to Bermuda with her husband and two young children, she now lives as an expat in a country very different from her homeland in Canada. 

Juggling between volunteering, pursuing studies and raising her children, she wants to provide a tool for future expatriate parents to help their children enjoy a positive and peaceful moving experience.

Émilie loves cycling around the island to explore every beautiful hidden place, and she has just discovered the wonderful world of scuba diving. She is a book lover who appreciates the simple things in life and hopes to share these important values with her children.

meet Merve, the illustrator

A unique talent

Merve is a self-thought children's book and fantasy illustrator. After studying Industrial Design, she decided that her passion was in storytelling. She works digitally, loves drawing whimsical scenes and designing characters. Born and raised in Turkey, she is now based in San Francisco, CA.

Merve's portfolio: www.merveyildizart.com 

Merve Terzi Yildiz, illustrator of the children's book ¨The Great Adventure of Tom to Bermuda¨.

Merve Terzi Yildiz, illustrator of the children's book ¨The Great Adventure of Tom to Bermuda¨.