MAMA Bermuda Meet-A-Mum association, connecting families with fun.

Meet a Mum Association (MAMA)

MAMA is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization that offers a variety of activities and allows families — especially mothers — to meet new friends. They run weekly playgroups for children, have support groups for parents and organized as well family activities as train rides, fire station tour, beach parties, boat excursion, farm trips, nature walks, picnics, etc. They also support the community by fundraising for different charities. MAMA has been very helpful during our transition, and I highly recommend this wonderful organization to all new families arriving in Bermuda. 


Raising children abroad

Raising children abroad

Raising children abroad

Raising Children abroad. Expat Life With Children.

Complete web site about  ¨Expat Life With Children¨: preparing children to move, choosing a school, found the perfect home abroad, and other expat tips and resources. 

Bermuda Events - Kids

Raising children abroad

Raising children abroad

Bermuda Events - Kids. Mini-resource that gives you ideas of everyday things to do with young kids.

Mini-resource that gives you ideas of everyday things to do with young kids.

Step it up!

Raising children abroad

Island Nanny Desk

Step it up! Variety of physical activities and sports you can subscribe to your children in Bermuda.

Variety of physical activities and sports you can subscribe to your children in Bermuda.

Island Nanny Desk

Bermuda for kids and family

Island Nanny Desk

Island Nanny Desk. A nanny or babysitting playing with a child.

A nanny and babysitting service that helps parents in need of long- or short-term care, connecting them with the ideal person for their children’s needs.

Bermuda for kids and family

Bermuda for kids and family

Bermuda for kids and family

Picture of Shelly Bay playground in Bermuda.

Find all information about kids' beaches, playgrounds, attractions/activities, restaurants, and stores.

Bermuda's cost of living

Bermuda for kids and family

Bermuda for kids and family

A mix of fruits and vegetables.

A useful resource to plan your budget properly before coming to Bermuda.


Be polite!

 ¨As a "brit", I've grown up to be polite and say ¨excuse me¨, then ask a question about product location in a shop. I learned my lesson fast here: you must always ask how the person is before you ask where to locate a product! Always say ¨good day¨ and ask how the person is before asking where to find a product! ¨

  - Zena

Get "used" to it...

 ¨Don’t feel like you need to buy your baby and kid gear before you move to Bermuda. The second-hand market is very active here and you can find all sorts of gently used toys, clothes, and baby equipment on FB, Emoo or charity shops.¨

  - Élodie

Reach expat BEFORE

 ¨Don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to people BEFORE you move to Bermuda. I wish I had done this as I would have got such a better insight before making the big leap and could have made some much better decisions in terms of what to bring! Moving to a small island is intimidating, especially if you are coming from a city background but as soon as you arrive you have to just throw yourself into the activities that are on offer. Even if you’re not sure if something is definitely for you – give it a try and chances are you will meet like-minded people who will have a wealth of advice for a new expat and who are more than up for coffee, playdates and sometimes even cocktails!¨

  - Charlotte 

Travel light

 ¨I shouldn’t bring my ¨Uppababy Vista¨ stroller as it was too large to bring in buses or shops. I would recommend a more compact stroller of good quality that offers great solar protection.¨

  - Linda

Bring your favorites

¨If you have space in your suitcase left, bring lots of your kids’ favorite ¨dry snacks¨ because soon you will discover food items of any kind are very expensive.¨

  - Christine 

Train while children are entertained

¨AOK fitness and Shamana Circle do fitness classes where you can bring you little ones along. AOK set up toys at the back of the classes. Shamana circle do baby and yoga classes plus have a creche that you can out your children in while you take a class. If kids are slightly older, Magnum gym on Church st. have a soft play in the gym so you can train whilst your kids are entertained.¨

  - Soraya

Friendly Bermuda

¨Bermuda is a very friendly place, don’t be afraid to get out there and make new friends. You will find that Bermuda is very social and there are lots of things to do for kids and families¨

- Rebekah

A must have!

¨Must have in Bermuda, small closet dehumidifier that you can plug in your closet and they help keep the dampness out!¨

- Sandy

Friends become family

¨Be sure to put yourself out there and don't be shy! In no time at all you'll meet some wonderful friends who soon feel like family. Everyone remembers what it's like moving somewhere new and are often keen to lend a helping hand to help people settle. Accept the support and then pay it forward! ¨

- Stacey

Checks customs policies

¨When you move here, you have 6 months to bring your pre-existing belongings (things you’ve owned for more than 6 months). Once you arrive, you have to go through the “Goods to declare” lane in customs and get a special letter – you then can use this letter every time you want to claim transfer or residence! If you bring in new stuff, then you have to pay duty to bring it on to the island – they do on % depending on what the goods are.¨

- Sophie

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